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At Open Biotechnology, we support scientific innovation through open and free sharing of knowledge.  It is more beneficial for us to empower our peers with knowledge and free them from restrictions as much as possible.  Our core principles are:



For all of the tools we produce, we share the composition and how they are made.  There are no “proprietary reagents” or “secret recipes”.  If anything should be unclear, feel free to email us, and we will be glad to explain.


Unrestricted Use 

As far as we are concerned, our products may be used for any legal purpose in any legal manner.  If you discover the cure for cancer using our tools, then we do not ask to be compensated in any way other than the knowledge in having assisted the endeavor.  We only ask:  Please do cure cancer!


Open Source

We empower our peers by sharing our reagents’ full “source code” wherever applicable.  For example, we do not only provide research proteins, but we also provide the DNA sequences necessary to make more of the proteins yourself.  There are no use restrictions on the source sequences either – you may produce protein, copy the DNA, give it away, modify it, sell it for profit and in general do whatever you want with our open source DNA.  As the original author of the sequences we require nothing other than being cited as the author when and where they are distributed under Creative Commons 3.0


Dramatically Reduce costs of biotechnology

As a direct result of our open source policies, high costs based on trade secrets and use restrictions are now becoming a thing of an earlier era. 


Ultimately, we anticipate no less than an industry-wide collapse of biological reagent pricing as a direct result of our open source policies. 


Thus, Open Biotechnology has been positioned  from the very beginning for optimal quality and manufacturing efficiency, which will be the main attributes of any organization once trade secrets and use restrictions become completely obsolete.

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